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A Blockchain Solution


On 10 November 2017, the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs met at Fordham University to hold the Humanitarian Blockchain Summit 2017. Together with diplomats, industry experts, civil society organizations and scholars, the summit provided a space to share knowledge and discuss the future of Blockchain technology as it relates to education, regulatory frameworks, social good and humanitarian development.

In accordance with the Humanitarian Blockchain Summit 2017, CSF is committed to researching Blockchain technological solutions as an innovative strategy to further increase the success of the award-winning OpenEMIS Logistics system.

OpenEMIS Logistics is a web-based application that is used to track educational materials from the point of production to the intended point of delivery. OpenEMIS Logistics provides education officials and development partners with a reliable tracking tool that utilizes best practices logistics, while leveraging most basic of communication technologies. In addition, OpenEMIS Logistics creates accountability and empowers communities with tools to ensure that commitments to quality education resources are upheld.

To improve the current system, CSF is seeking to develop a Blockchain system that will provide an immutable and transparent data ledger for tracking of education resources. Introduction of Blockchain technology also provides opportunity to leverage results-based financing.

This Blockchain system would also allow for greater transparency and accountability. Along all points in the shipment process “blocks,” or chains of data, would be collected to know the exact status of the shipment at any given time. From the moment they are packaged to the moment they are delivered, the Blockchain system would help ensure the equitable distribution of quality educational resources.

Through R&D in the application of Blockchain in supply chain management, CSF aims to provide an open source, real-time data-driven solution that would improve the governance and management capacity of counterparts in the Education sector.

With the goal of diminishing the factors that create education inequity, CSF is committed to ensuring students continue to receive the materials they need to maximize opportunities to learn.

For more information on the OpenEMIS Logistics system please visit: https://www.openemis.org/products/logistics.

For more information about the UN, Blockchain and supply management, please visit: https://un-blockchain.org.