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OpenEMIS Maldives MEMIS Video Spotlight

Considering the Maldives are an archipelago of 1,192 coral islands with around 200 islands containing schools, historically it has been difficult for the country to create a central education system that caters to the needs of all learners. To unify the education system, and to collect, store and obtain significant information for decision-making and management, the Maldives began utilizing OpenEMIS.

Since launching the Maldives Education Management Information System (MEMIS), an adaptation of the open-source toolkit, data handling has become easier for education officials in the Maldives. While teachers and administrators have collected data on paper for many years, MEMIS has enabled education professionals to more efficiently manage and access data on students, staff and schools. MEMIS has assisted teachers through the mobile-friendly attendance record keeping feature. And, for the first time ever, school officials are using MEMIS technology to generate over 40,000 student report cards.

With easier access to reliable education data through the MEMIS Dashboard, policy decisions can now be informed to ensure education access, equity and quality and to improve internal coordination and efficiency.