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Education Ministry in the Maldives launches MEMIS policy

State Education Minister Ahmed Shafeeu speaks during the launching of the new MEMIS policy.

Source: https://edition.mv/news/7182


Ministry of Education in joint efforts with Community Systems Foundation (CSF), a non-profit organization that works toward sustainable development of information technology in science and educational activities, has launched Maldives Educational Management Information Systems (MEMIS).

MEMIS was launched by state minister at the Education Ministry, Ahmed Shafeeu, during a ceremony held at Hotel Jen.

MEMIS is a software policy that is targeted to revolutionize the country’s educational sector. MEMIS will help overcome the inconveniences in managing the data of students using existing methods and will attempt to connect and store the information from all the educational institutions of the country in one consolidated database system.

Speaking during the ceremony, Shafeeu stated that the education system of a country can be strengthened by proper maintenance of every student’s records, and evaluating them through a secure database to reach educational objectives.

He further revealed that the policy will maintain updated records of students including their attendance, academic performance and health as well as the qualifications of the teaching staff and their teaching schemes and curriculum, in order to examine and assess the quality of education in the country.

The ceremony further marked the launch of MEMIS dashboard, a system to conveniently keep track of all the information recorded in the MEMIS system.