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Monitoring Education Sector Plans with OpenEMIS Monitoring

OpenEMIS Guyana


As the 2014-2018 National Education Sector Plan (ESP) comes to a close in Guyana, a comprehensive sector review is being conducted within the Ministry of Education (MoE) to draft the 2019-2023 plan and to address education sector challenges and needs. Several of these challenges include several staff members lacking the capacity to effectively collect data and monitoring progress of their ESP and a lack of technological equipment.

The Planning Department of the Guyanese Ministry of Education engaged Community Systems Foundation (CSF) to assess  the sector needs and design a plan to strengthen monitoring systems to track progress on future plans.

Following technical discussions with the Coordination and IT units of the Ministry of Education and with several schools across the country, CSF technical staff and Ministry officials discussed how a strong result-based and data-driven culture can lead to opportunities for the financing of improved monitoring and evaluation operations to support the implementation of the education sector plan.

As immediate action following the scoping mission, Ministry of Education (MoE) officials underwent trainings to utilize tools to apply results-based monitoring principles to more effectively support each stage of the strategic planning cycle and monitor the implementation of all aspects of the education policy in the country.

With a proposed EMIS architecture that is designed around a centralized data warehouse, MoE officials now aim to use OpenEMIS to collect, manage and analyze education data. This will be done through tools like OpenEMIS Survey, DataManager and Dashboard Builder, among others.  

As CSF continues to collaborate with the MoE in Guyana, our team is excited to contribute solutions to strengthen accountability, coordination and transparency in the collective efforts to achieve the goals and objectives of the Education Sector Plan.