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Quality materials are an essential ingredient to quality learning experiences. However, despite significant efforts by government and the international development community to produce and distribute learning resources, often times, students in many countries lack textbooks and supplemental learning materials. Simply put, students and their teachers are not always receiving the materials they are supposed to have.

Research shows that when communities, in this case, parents and teachers, are equipped with access to information, the likelihood for successful deliveries increases as every actor involved in the distribution chain are held accountable.

The first step to address this problem is to track textbook deliveries in order to understand where things are going wrong.

As such, All Children Reading (ACR) issued a challenge, seeking innovations to track textbook deliveries allowing for quick and easy access to tracking information by various actors involved in the distribution chain. The consortium made up of World Vision, USAID and Australia Aid see this as a means to increase transparency and accountability while engaging the community in the process.

After a number of rounds of review, ACR ultimately chose the Community Systems Foundation (CSF) entry of OpenEMIS Logistics, an open source tool that allows for the tracking of the entire textbook delivery process. The OpenEMIS team, designing around the research, has developed a user friendly tool that promotes transparency and accountability at all levels.

Shipments can be managed on the web platform of the system by an administrator from a Ministry of Education office or a procurement team, and parents and teachers can subscribe to a school using basic phones through SMS or IVR to receive an alert when a shipment is on its way. The system can be queried and provide information regarding who is delivering the shipment, what is included in the shipment, when the shipment is expected to arrive, and where the shipment is currently located.

OpenEMIS Logistics was designed to be highly flexible. The system is a generalized solution that can fit any country specific customization and can track commodities ranging from school supplies to vaccinations.


The OpenEMIS initiative aims to deploy a high-quality Education Management Information System (EMIS) designed to collect and report data on schools, students, teachers and staff. The system was conceived by UNESCO to be a royalty-free system that can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of member countries.

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